Friday, September 12, 2008


Yellow labs (and probably all the labs) are extremely loyal. We have one that we got at 9 months old. She lived in a home with a lady for most of her life. Then she was abandoned at the SPCA. Being a thoroughbred, she was only there for a few days. As soon as she went up for adoption, she was adopted. A man got her for his brother who didn't want her. Then the dog went to his sister who decided not to keep her. She ended up at his house for a few days but he had a large rottweiler and didn't want another.

That man has another brother who lives across the street from me. Our neighbor told his brother he had the perfect home for her. We went to see her and felt so bad for her being shuffled that we said she deserved a permanent home. Can you imagine living with someone for 9 months and then just tossing her out like the trash. Yes she gave her to the SPCA. But while there another dog attacked her. She had several scars on her when we got her. One is a permanent one over her eye. Trauma from being abandoned, getting chewed up, moved about to several houses in just a week or so. Well she came with baggage.

She had separation anxiety. But she came to the perfect house. My hubby and I have much patience with dogs. We already had two. A mini schnauzer and a red golden retrieve (who came at 8 weeks old with her own baggage--hyperactivity that lasted about 8 years). I was too old for a hyper dog. And then along came Penny.

The next day my hubby had to leave town for several days for his job. Well in Penny's eyes, abandoned again. So she became a velcro dog. In and out about every 5 minutes to make sure I was still here. When I left to do errands, the first day I locked the two big dogs outside. She was gone when I got back. Pushed herself thru a wooden fence and chewed thru the wooden slats in a chain link gate. Both were locked.

As I got home, she came running. At least she hadn't gone far. Just in a panic but so glad to see me. And velcro dog became more clingy.

Next errand day, she was locked inside. Bad choice even tho it was my only choice. I came home to a living room that looked like a tornado went thru it. Everything she could find and reach, she chewed up. I took photos and while I took the photos, she was in my hubby's recliner upside down and totally relaxed.

I had to really work with her. It took several months. She still welcomes me home as if I have been gone a month. They are both locked inside with all doors to other rooms closed, a baby gate across the kitchen door, and anything that looks tempting out of reach.

For a couple years, I have had to take both big dogs to the vet when one had to go. I couldn't leave one at home not knowing what would happen. Thank God that part is over. I still have to sneak Friday outside when Penny isn't looking but I come back to a chewed free house.

Well back to the subject of loyalty. Penny is the most loyal dog. She is so happy now. You would never know she didn't start her life without us. It took her awhile to realize she was staying and feel part of the family, and she is still so totally jealous that she won't share toys and doesn't like to share her people. But the dog is wonderful and we can't imagine not having her. We shudder to think how she would have turned out if left in the situation she was in for much longer. And every night just like the first one here, she sleeps against my feet. And once an animal is in our home, they stay till death. You don't give back your kids if you get a bad one. And anyone who takes an animal should realize that the animal is their responsibility for life. They are not tossaway items.

This isn't my Penny. It is a photo from the Wetcanvas RIL. An ATC (2.5x3.5) for a trade.

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Teresa said...

Lucky Penny to have found parents like you and Bill! Couldn't see any pic, though... may be just my computer?