Friday, March 06, 2009


All of my memories art cards have been very colorful. I have enjoyed doing them in the many colors. I am sure most of the things that I remember were not so colorful. It was a simpler time and we didn't have so many choices of items or colors. And it seems to me that the colors weren't quite as bright. The advertiser's probably didn't have the competition they did then, and surely they didn't have the graphics and things they have in this time span.

I remember the first time I went to Disneyland. There is a Cinema Round theater there. It moves around a stage and can show you different time spans. I believe back then that the first stage showed really early times and a kitchen like it would have been in the pioneer days with the fireplace to cook. Then it moved to the next stage where progress had been made. I can't remember how many different stages we saw, but the last one was the house of the future.

I can't remember much about that house of the future but not many years later, that particular attraction was shut down for repairs and revamping. The house of the future had already arrived and probably had become house of the past.

These days I don't think they could keep up with that kind of attraction. Things change just too fast. It would be like a computer. You bring it home and it is already too old. Almost overnight.

Well here are a couple of cards that have arrived.

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Love the bird of prey Jeanne