Friday, March 27, 2009

Nothing New

Nothing new to post today. I have been working on a small piece of a dog profile. The first session came out ok. I thought it looked ok. But today's session was a bust. Nothing was turning out. I'm not sure I have enough scotch tape to lift off all I would have to lift to save it. I will probably throw it in a drawer and maybe one day take it out when I need more torture.

My cold is still hanging on. I went with my art group on Wednesday. A private home on a ranch along the river. Very nice and peaceful. A little breezy in the shade and hot in the sun. I sketched in the sun and then retreated to the shade for the last hour to just sit back and enjoy the area. The nice sound of the river, the birds, and rustle of the trees.

We had a very nice potluck sack lunch. The hostess was super nice and gracious. And a fun time was had by all. I think we had about 8 people there.

Next week I will have to miss. The area is more rough terrain and I have a disability that makes it hard for walking on uneven ground. I have to pick and choose my areas to participate. The following week will be another home on a ranch about 45 minutes away. There will be uneven ground there too but hopefully I will find something close to catch my interest. And we will have access to a restroom. I just hope I can find someone to ride with as I don't look forward to the drive alone.

Here are a couple of photos of the area near the river where we "played" this week.

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Joan said...

This looks like a nice area to sit and sketch! Who makes all the arrangements for these places you visit? I think it's a great idea!