Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red to Gray

My Friday is getting old. Her face is getting more and more gray. Photos of her make her look completely white in the face. My baby is 10. Still in good shape except for a few things she has had a problem with most of her life. No hip problems which I'm happy about. Her breed is known for bad hips. When she wags her tail, it looks like she is making a u-turn. She wags her whole back end. I was so worried about that if she had developed hip problems.

Friday is such a pretty girl. I have done many art pictures of her. She is a red Golden Retriever and very tall and thin. Most of her life she has been the most hyper dog I have ever seen. Even her veterinarian could hardly believe she was so hyper and for so long a time. Even spaying her didn't calm her down much. She is much better as she gets older but that hyperness is still in her.

I worked on this picture of her yesterday and today. I thought I was finished last night but really wasn't satisfied with it. I removed some of the color using scotch tape and a moldable eraser, then started in again. I still find it lacking something, but I can live with it now. I don't think any more work will make it better. I will call it a lesson learned. Various colored pencil brands on Bristol Smooth 6x6 inches.


Teresa said...

Aw, Jeanne, there's sadness in your comments and in Friday's eyes. The aging thing really makes you want to hug your pet tight and keep her safely by your side forever doesn't it?

Joan said...

Jeanne - Great job on Friday!!! Love the way you colored her coat...super job on the colors.

Ai said...

Jeanne, this is stunning. I love her. She is so cute. I love how you did her fur and the sparkling eyes.