Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dog Breed - Pug

On Wetcanvas in the Animal and Wildlife Forum they are doing threads for dog breeds. I'm not sure how long each lasts, but each new thread features a different breed. It lists the show standards and characteristics, then posts some photos for use, then anyone can post their versions.

I haven't joined any of the threads yet. I intended to with the first which I think was a Mastiff. They have also had Irish Setters with some beautiful photos. I will probably work on one of those eventually.

But today I worked on a pug. I had to look about 4 pages back in the forum to find the pug link. Here it is: I am doing the puppy with the rubber ducky in his mouth. I just can't pass up the level of cute in that photo.

I have made a couple of scans as I work. Here are the first two.

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twincedar said...

This is coming along beautifully! Please show the completed version when through. I can't wait to see it!