Monday, March 16, 2009


My husband's sister and her husband have a cat named Tommy. He is a very lovable cat and loves to be petted. Problem is, if you stop, he will nip your leg or hand. He doesn't want you to stop.

They inherited Tommy. Leon's dad had Tommy and another cat. when he passed away, they inherited the two and their household was stuffed with 6 cats. They are now down to 3. One really mean one, one shy one, and then Tommy. He's the only one I ever get to see.

Tommy was fed very sparingly by grandpa. He didn't want him to get fat. Tommy when he came to this home, could never get enough to eat. So they felt sorry for him and now he is a really fat baby. Funny thing is the "parents" are health and exercise nuts. This is their second fat cat.

I decided to do a cp portrait of Tommy. I think this turned out pretty good. His "parents" think it looks like him. And that is the point to make them happy.

I used colored mi-tienes paper about 9x11 inches in various brands of colored pencil.


twincedar said...

This is wonderful. I love the eyes! They draw your attention to them.

Jan said...

Really nice, Jeanne! I like the eyes too and his coloring. Will this go to your in-laws? If so, I'm sure they will treasure it.

Joan said...

You did a great job capturing his cute face and wonderful coloring. Super!

pencilportraits said...

Very realistic Jeanne, a grand job as always.

Robyn said...

Beautiful expression you've captured in his eyes, Jeanne.

And I'm enjoying your memories very much. Just had a flash back to my mother's aprons.