Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Quite Sure

I'm not quite sure what breed of dog this is. I found the reference on Wetcanvas by Sabarika. I like the way the dog looks so regal. Loved the coloring. This is the one I was working on yesterday and had given up on. But this morning I took another look and decided to press on. I didn't life off much either. Just reworked it. Maybe I was just at that ugly stage and couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Colored pencil work is like that.

I am at that stage with another dog portrait for the WDE at Wetcanvas. This a reference by Lisilk. A dog from the Bahamas called Zipper 2 after her own dog Zipper. That one I have done sketches and drawings of about 5 times.

This is after about 2 hours. I will plug on and finish it but wanted to get a scan of it at the 2-hr stage so that I can post it on the WDE. I don't time myself as I am up and down and let things steal my attention. So my work is not a steady two hours. But I pretty much know how long I have in the picture.

I started coloring with cp before I finished the drawing. I am not sure if I will leave it as a partial portrait or add the ears and the rest of his face. Just depends on how the mood strikes me.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Jeanne - quite a doggy day. I do admire you working in cp, it must take ages. Give me the brush any day!! Glad you plan to work on the top one, as at present seems a little flat to me. I can see your confidence in the second portrait from your previous sketches you mention.

Teresa said...

The top doggy looks sad/wistful? I like him but perhaps he needs a little more color/shading on the white part of his muzzle?

Joan said...

The top dog (lol) is so cute with his nose pointing up! Both of these are great!

Jade Scarlett said...

Oh, Jeanne, they're sooooo cute!!! The first one looks to me like a Boxer mixed with something else. Maybe it's a Puggle?

Hugs and have a wonderful sunday,

Jo Castillo said...

These are great. You have a touch for interpretation. Nice work.