Monday, August 31, 2009

Sean Connery's Eye

A friend sent me a link to a photo realist graphite artist that is outstanding:

She has several videos that are great too:

After watching the videos, I decided to try the same method. I kept trying to hurry which is my downfall. I am always in a hurry with my art. But this time I had to keep slowing myself down. I have no idea why I seem to be in a hurry all the time. But the results are better for having slowed down.

This is the right eye of Sean Connery. He is one of my favorite actors. I think he is gorgeous. The mature Sean Connery is. I don't like the photos of him when he was younger as in the 007 movies. He was more feminine then. Now he is all man. And I love his gray whiskers. I could listen to him talk all day.


jgr said...

This is really well done and a very convincing eye. I agree with you about Sean Connery: So handsome and what a great voice!

oliverandjazz said...

well done jeanne, i too find him more handsome now than he ever was as a young man.

Teresa said...

'Fraid you're gonna have to share him with me... I too think he's gorgeous (at any age) and could also listen to him talk all day. Sigh!