Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Day

Well it's a new day. I haven't done any artwork for a couple days except some scavenger hunt items. I haven't scanned them yet and not too proud of them. I haven't done any more work on my prairie dog. Hopefully tomorrow.

I am thinking of entering a piece of art in the County Fair. If I am to do that, I have to get the paperwork done by Friday. I have one ready. Two more I could put in as miniature art. I shall see. I would need frames for those.

My Dizzy is ready for bed and won't go until I do. Her papa is getting up at 2 am so I am staying up to get him off to work. Try to explain that to a 5 month old dog who is tired and sleepy. I guess I should go in and lie down with her until his alarm goes off.

I found out that two of the ladies at the Drawspace forum are entered into the Moleskine Project. One is oliverandjazz/Kay who got the theme of "danger" I think. I haven't found out yet what theme Sonia got. It will be interesting to see what the others do in their books. Kay at her site will be posting what she does as she finishes them.


Ai said...

Go for it Jeanne. I am sure you will do well with any piece you enter to the Show. Your drawing has so much improved. I love your graphite works.

Teresa said...

County fair? Ooh, sounds exciting! I haven't gathered up the courage yet to enter any type of show or competition.

Poor Dizzy.... missing out on her beauty sleep!