Saturday, August 01, 2009


I finished my postcard piece for the trade on Let's Make Art. I used a reference photo by just chaos from Wetcanvas and Flicker. I have a fondness for squirrels. I don't want to touch one or have them as a pet or anything. I just like to see their antics.

When I worked at an office, we had a squirrel who lived at the office complex. He/She would come to our office door and wait for the receptionist to let me know he was hungry. I named him/her Crackers.

Some of the girls I worked with were scared to death of Crackers. I had to go out and get between Crackers and them so they could make it to the office door. He wasn't trying to bother them; he just wanted to be fed.

I tried several things from our snack closet but the only things he seemed to want were the peanut butter filled crackers. I would go to the door with the crackers, hold them out in front of me, as he followed me to the grassy area. He would probably have taken it directly from my hand but I didn't want to take a chance on getting scratched. I would throw the crackers onto the grass, Crackers would grab one, and run up the trunk of the nearest tree and eat.

I really enjoyed the time I had feeding him. It's nice to know that a wild animal "knows" you. He would come running when I was outside and wait while I went inside to get the crackers.

Crackers went missing one day and never returned. He/she would run across the driveway in front of cars in the parking lot so may have gotten run over. Any way I missed my little Crackers and still have the fond memories.

Here is the postcard of the squirrel. It goes out in the mail on Monday.


oliverandjazz said...

he is adorable, excellent cp work jeanne

Teresa said...

It's a great painting and loved reading about Crackers. I'm not surprised... you are a "critter" person... and I mean that in the best sense!