Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Goals

Well I'm sorry I did, but I went back to January and reread my goals for 2009. Not a good thing. Only one thing accomplished. Now that's sad. Almost makes me hesitant to make a list of goals for 2010.

The one thing I did do from my list was making an improvement on my cp work. I have heard that from several people so it is not just my opinion. I have been able to move in a more whimsical style for some of my animals. I like those. Especially as 3 of my favorite blogs have that kind of style. Leslie Hawes, Tanya Bond, and Melody Lea Lamb. You can access each of these blogs thru my links on the right.

I also wanted to be able to do some cp portraits. I did a couple of those. Latest one was for the portrait swap on Wetcanvas. It wasn't a great job but I was happy that I was able to get one finished. I did one in graphite and one in cp. I really liked the graphite one the best but at least I did do a cp version. And I sent both to my swap partner.

Plus I have gotten to a new level with my graphite. I have a more realistic look to my dog portraits with a tinge of my own style thrown in. That is what my friend Sue said. You can see her artwork at Dachshunds and Daubs at the link on the right.

It's nice that I did get some work done on one of my goals. But the other 9 things on the list were totally not accomplished. Not one of them did I improve on.

I will make a list again but will be careful with what I "wish" for. I don't want to reach 2011 and be so shocked at what I didn't accomplish.

I have a couple more days to get my list ready. I will start working on it. But in the meantime I have a graphite dog portrait to finish and bills to pay. And another more heart wrenching chore to do. I think it is time for our Friday to make her last trip to the vet.

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