Monday, December 07, 2009

Moley Library Project.

I took out my Moleskine Project book tonight and finished up the sketches I had started. But I did it really fast and not really caring whether it was very neat. My problem is that I don't really care if I finish it or not. It was to go into a traveling library and be on display at several galleries, then return to a permanent library at the Art House Coop.

I never was really interested in the theme I received, then I roused and figured out a way to advance with it. Well working on it tonight didn't do a thing for me. And time is running out. They extended the time by a month but that new date is January 1st. I have only filled about 4 or 5 double pages and I'm not sure I could fill it that fast. Especially with the theme at hand.

So this may be just a practice book for me to use at home. Quite an expensive one considering I could get a hardbound Moley at Barnes and Noble that has really nice stiff pages in it for the price I paid for this one with almost tissue paper thin pages. In that library with people checking them out, I can't see them holding up for long with those thin pages. I think I will just save my energy and create some artwork that I will be more proud of.

I was surfing the net trying to find a way to do a new ATc Project on WC. I still haven't found what I want to do for it. It needs to be something different and along the mixed media line. Not just regular drawings with graphite and cps that I usually do. Open theme tho. There will b e 19 cards to do and if I don't find something that gets me interested, I may have a long 6 months with that project also.

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ArtistUnplugged said...

Sorry at how the library art project has been. Your giraffes are great and the cp of the boxer is awesome. I have not been able to check blogs daily, started a new job and stay busy. I have been going back and reading earlier posts. My heart goes out to you concerning your brother Steve. It is such a praise that you have accepted Jesus as your saviour however!!! I understand a bit of the physical state of your brother, my father died of liver failure due to cirohsis, I recall the day I walked in and he had that wild eyed look, it's very sad. Remember the good memories and be glad that your brother isn't suffering physically and fighting his drug temptations. Beautiful art you create!!!