Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Mat Board

I did some more playing with the mat board plus trying to find something that I can use for the new project on WetCanvas. It's supposed to be something different than what I usually do.

These little daisies are done with a stamp and colored pencil. Considering I never do stamping or use mat board, I think it qualifies. These two may be my first ones for the trade.

Leslie Hawes who uses mat board all the time says once I get started using the colored paper, I'll never go back. I actually am really liking it. The dark blue mat board looks like purple on the one on the left.

I bought 3 cheap stamps at the dollar store. One other one has a smaller daisy with leaves and a stem. The third has a bird and tree with leaves. I also folded some animal faces in Origami but they look bland when put against the mat board. So as you can see, I am still stumped as to what I will do. I don't want to do(so far only 12 cards)all of them as daisies.

The commission is delivered. And I have over half of a crocheted slipper that a friend ask me to make. I have two pairs to do.

Tomorrow is the Plein Air Group's Christmas Party. Still have to make my dessert. There will be desserts, salads, and pizza. What more could we want. Oh yeah and some art time.


Desiree said...

Interesting technique! I have been using suede board and pastels, interesting. I love you commission piece, great job!

Teresa said...

I really like the effect you're getting with the mat board... you're about to talk me into it.

RE: Christmas party.... sounded like fun! Did you eat a slice of pizza for me? ;-)

Annie-Maree said...

These are really very pretty Jeanne. I love the bold complimentary colours too! I have so many off cuts of matte, I should do something with them , you have inspired me!!


Leslie Hawes said...

Told ya!
This is adorable!