Sunday, December 13, 2009

More stamped ATCs

I have been doing a few more of the stamped, colored pencil ATCs on mat board. I have 9 finished and about 4 more to do. but those are started.

I went to Goodwill today after my monthly hair appointment. I found several little knick knacks. I found 4 more stamps that I can use on the new ATCs that I am doing. I have enough stamps now to finish without having to use the same stamp for all of them.

At the hair salon, I started another crocheted slipper. I have the two pairs of slippers to do for the friend. She wants them for Christmas gifts. I have both pairs started. I started the second one while I was being cut and colored. I need to finish those up so she will have them in time for Christmas.

Besides the hair salon and Goodwill, we also went shopping for groceries and stopped by our church for a 60th birthday celebrations for a friend. Lots of goodies there to eat. All sweet. I think we both had a sugar high when we left.

After I got home and we got the groceries put away, I had to take a pain pill and lie down for awhile. Then it was dinner time. Hubby thankfully took care of dinner.

When I saw how long since I last posted, I was surprised. I like to post every day. I am always stunned when I realize I have been checking the blogs each day but forgetting to post. I guess I'm having more senior moments.


Joan said...

I love the position on this cat!!! What a life!! You sound so busy on all your projects. The last few days have been hectic for me...a day in the city with Mithila, and a day of baking cookies and working on my Christmas cards yesterday. The same is planned for today.

Azulparsnip said...

your ATC's are delightful. I enjoy your blog comments too.

Azulparsnip said...

I mean I enjoy your blog content. Ha the other sounded self oriented. Not that I'm selfless or anything..ha, ha