Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caught Up

I got some business cards made tonight. That's another chore finished. But several days now with no artwork done. Maybe I can still fit a bit of cp work in tonight.

I did check out a watercolor website that was interesting. It had some basic instructions, some more advanced, videos, and even sites for other mediums. I will search thru it more as I have time. You can check it out here.

Sometimes I get so engrossed in reading other art blogs and even some craft or sewing blogs that I end up several layers away from where I started. It is a good way to find some new and interesting blogs that I might not see otherwise. It's fun to click on links at other blogs and meet new artists. I have found some good recipes, patterns, and ideas but it can be very time-consuming.

I have been watching some old game shows on late night tv. Right now is a segment of the game Password with Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Lauren Bacall. I don't know what year it was from but I know it was quite a long time ago. It is so funny to hear the words the people used back then. I was watching an older Family Feud and one of the questions asked was what are men's pants made from. One answer was polyester. That show was probably from the 70s.


ArtistUnplugged said...

Yea for the business cards!!!! I had some printed in December, had to redo them, the first place was blurry and didn't even show all the elements of it. I love reading the blogs, and yes, you can end up a long way from where you started!

Teresa said...

Glad you got your business cards printed... always nice to get over an obstacle.

Re: polyester pants... remember those hideous leisure suits? Uggghhh!!!!