Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Plans

Well I finally sat down and figured out things that were very important for me to accomplish. These things will be things I try to do/finish this year. If I don't, life will go on but if I do, life will be easier to live with.

1. Draw daily. I have gotten really lax about this. Now is the time to get my priorities straight and get moving.

2. Keep improving with graphite and cps. You can never learn too much and I seem to learn the best by doing. So more ATC swaps, more entries in WC projects. I want to continue with the journey I have been on with the little critters and things I have been doing on ATC cards. I really like the whimsical look to them.

3. Continue to learn more about cp portraits and do more for practice.

4. More time with my fur and feather there is no tomorrow because there might not be. (I love you Friday)

5. More art, less surfing. More commissions hopefully. I managed to get 2 this year. One for pay and one for trade. Both dogs which shouldn't be a surprise. And several I did as gifts.

6. Read dthru some of my art books. I am not good at reading thru reference books. I tend to just browse and read things that pop out at me.

7. Set up a new blog or website for commissions and selling of my art cards.

8. Read my Bible daily and continue Bible studies.

9. Eat healthier and drink less soda and more water. This will probably be my biggest challenge.

10. Some sewing, some knitting or crocheting, and enjoy life and not stress thru it as in the past.

Hopefully all of you will set a few goals and share them. To everyone Happy New Year. And have you hugged your pet today? If not, do.

Hugs, Jeanne

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Robyn said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne. Great goals and the 'drink more water' one is extremely worthwhile, so goodluck.

Dermott says thanks for inspiring the hug he just got :)