Sunday, January 17, 2010

Numbers 9 and 10

I'm not as happy with these two as I have been with some of the others. I just couldn't get the colors to come together in the Doxie. The other one is a Border Collie/Queensland Heeler mix. Both are from references from Wetcanvas. The Dachshund is my ref. A friend's dog named Shorty. The other is from a.reichart. That's it for the Drawspace trade but one of the ladies has two friends who aren't into computers that want to trade. So I will be making two more to trade with them. This will be my second trade with them. I love it when artists fall in love with the tiny ATCs.

I spent a quiet day. I didn't make it to church but listened to 3 of the Pastor's online sermons. I felt much better after that. Then I started checking my normal blogs. I can't believe how many pieces Leslie Hawes has done of the areas around Corsica, France. I think she has done about 5 or 6 now for the Virtual Paintout which visits thru Google Street Maps each month at a different place. I still have yet to do one. I am map challenged apparantly as I don't seem to find the cute little sites that Leslie finds. Either that or my eyes aren't as artistic-seeing as hers.

Hubby is home from working out of town overnight, the dogs are fed, dinner of homemade hamburgers is finished, and the night is mine to use for art. I need to address and stamp my Drawspace envelopes so that those can go out in the mail tomorrow. Then I will try my hand at the last two dogs.

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Teresa said...

All in all, it sounded like a good day! I agree with your assessment of Leslie's eyes... I've thought about joining the Virtual Paintout... and I wonder how she finds such picturesque little scenes. I have a feeling that it's more that she's interpreting them in a picturesque way - rather than finding them. I need to work on my "seeing"!