Friday, January 08, 2010

Groundhog's Day

February 2nd is my husband's birthday. It's also Groundhog day. My husband will be 60. Now I can tease him like he has been teasing me since May when I turned 60.

I decided yesterday that I will do a memory picture for him of 3 of our passed dogs. The last two we lost and the one who we lost a few years ago and the one he was so close to. KC, Ditto, and Friday. All 3 very different colored dogs. Blond, red, and salt and pepper gray. I will be able to show the progress on here as hubby doesn't read my blog. He knows how to get online and surf for things he wants to research but that is about the extent of his computer knowledge.

I was at Goodwill today and found a perfect frame. Long so I can make them side by side instead of a group. And the price was right at $2. It will be a surprise for him so I will only be able to work on it when he is gone. I just hope I can keep it a secret. I'm really bad about telling him ahead of time. Maybe since the day is almost here....

I bought a large sheet of matboard at the framers today. I plan to use a slice of it for the dogs' portrait. It is a tan color. I wanted a more colorful sheet but when I thought about each dogs' colors, not one would look good with all 3 dog colors. Since I love to draw on matboard I plan to buy several more sheets in various colors.

My art association is going to have a show for us in February. I will be able to put two pictures in it. At least that is what was predicted. I plan to get something done for that. I found several more frames at Goodwill. And now that I have a larger sheet of Bristol board and the new matboard, I can cut the sizes I need for the frames.

I look forward to getting started on my babies' pictures. Seeing their faces looking back at me. Oh yeah, at Goodwill I found more goodies. A really cute Mr and Mrs Santa salt and pepper shakers. Not to use but for posing. And half price so the 2 for $1. Can't beat that.

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Joan said...

Jeanne - I like the dogs you did below! Your idea for a gift for Bill sounds wonderful...I'm sure he will LOVE it. It will be a lovely tribute to your babies.