Monday, January 04, 2010


On Drawspace forum I am leading an ATC trade with the theme "Dogs". Anything to do with dogs. I am doing realistic dogs. I've had plenty of cartoony animals and now for some real ones. I have finished two from references from the RIL at Wetcanvas. One by Alphalion and one by southern wind. One is a Rat Terrier and the other is a Whippet. I started with a red background and really like it. I think I will continue the same with all the cards.

I just spent the last hour or so browsing the reference library. I found several photos I would like to do in preparation for a portfolio. I need to get one together.

I have drawn daily for the last 3 days, participated in the current scavenger hunt, and did a small, quick card of a spoonbill for the Wetcanvas WDE. So I am keeping up with some artwork every day.

I printed off some instructions for a couple things to crochet or knit and I have been spending lots of quality time with my babies. Those are at least starts on some of my goals for the year. Hopefully I will continue.

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Azulparsnip said...

these are small, are they not? so good