Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Friday

I worked on a picture of our Friday tonight. I wasn't happy with the colors so I'm in process of trying to take a lot of it off. I love the eyes but the yellowish color I don't like. And the reddish color was looking weird. I hope I can get enough of it off so I won't have to start over.

I then used a small piece of watercolor paper that I had put some watercolor pencil wash on. I made a small Zentangle. After that I made a Zentangle bookmark. They were ok...not great...just ok. I guess tonight wasn't my night to draw.


Jan said...

You're getting really good at these dogs, Jeanne! I like the colors in Friday but know that they may not be accurate. It's hard to get the right colors in cp, I think!

Teresa said...

I think you've got a good foundation here. You may want to try a tip I found in a cp book... can't remember which one it was .... when you get a color that's more dominant than you want it to be, go over it lightly with its complement - which reduces the intensity of the color. So if you don't like the yellow color, tone it down by lightly applying purple in the worst areas.