Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colors Trade

Here are the last two of my ATCs for the Colors Trade for Drawspace Forum. The dog and the happy colors represents my love of dogs and how happy they make me. The other is a California Poppy representing the state I live in. I have most of the envelopes finished; at least the ones I have addresses for. As soon as I get the last ones, they will be on their way.

Now that I am finished with one trade, on to the other one. The Pet Portrait Exchange. I'm not sure what size I will do. I thought I would do postcard sized but some collectors only collect the ATC size. So far there are only 11 signed up. Hopefully more will sign up. We already have a lot of very nice photos and of many different animals. Birds, goats, cats, and dogs so far. Anxious to see what else comes along.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I see the Queen of Color is still on her throne! These are wonderful... you really do have a great sense of color.

Is the poppy your state flower?