Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy birthday to the US. It's that day of the year that brings about barbecues and picnics. Get-togethers and family fun. It is also a day of worry that someone will use illegal fireworks and start a fire at a neighbor's house or use firecrackers or some other explosive and blow up a body part.

When I was young all we had to celebrate were sparklers. Our parents lit them and we stood there and watched the bright sparkles. The most we did was move our hand around in a circle to watch the colors turn around. We didn't throw them or do anything unsafe. We got one small box of sparklers each and that was it. We only did it at home and with both parents there participating.

Now the fireworks packages cost hundreds of dollars and are much more sophisticated. They go airborne which is dangerous and the children use them for hours. Sometimes for several days.

And then there are the adults who don't live by the law. They smuggle in illegal fireworks or make their own with gunpowder or gas. Really dumb. And it teaches their children that illegal is ok. Then after someone gets hurt, they blame everyone but themselves. I don't know about you, but I don't want to live with any fingers missing or burns on my face and hands. Is it really worth a long time in pain and medical problems for just a few minutes of ill gotten pleasure?

I lived in Oregon for 4 years. They had the right idea. They had fireworks that they set off at the lake. I believe they were in or on something and were working from the center of the lake. Anyone could park around the lake (for free) and watch. It was a wonderful show. Reflections in the water. Safe with the water and just as pretty and better than doing them for yourself.

So tonight after watering down my yard, dry grass, and wooden fence, I will be tucked inside with my fur babies trying to keep them from being totally freaked out. And hope the time for the loud firecrackers is short so my dogs will go out to potty before bed time.

So not only a Happy 4th of July but also a safe one.

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Donna said...

I couldn't agree more. I've always thought the same thing, but I don't have the writing skills that you have. Someone I know is deaf now because another person thought it would be really cool to set off some kind of fireworks behind her. Apparantly it was too close.