Thursday, July 15, 2010


I joined a new project trade on Wetcanvas. It is a pet portrait trade. Each person posts photos of their pets and each person is to do one card for each person on the list. They can use any of the photos they choose. I uploaded some of my present and past pets on my Flicker site here.


Teresa said...

Loved your photos on Flickr. Friday was such an adorable puppy.. those big brown eyes. No wonder you fell for her! They're all beautiful dogs... glad you've got Penny and Dizzy to keep you company... even if Dizzy is driving you crazy ;-)

Donna said...

Hey! You have a new format!
Cute pets.

sue said...

Beautiful dogs Jeanne.

This sounds like a fun project .. wish I had time to join in something like that but I always seem to be chasing my tail these days and just keeping on top of the commissions (which mostly seem to be two legged subjects at the moment).

Look forward to seeing your drawings soon

Ai said...

The project sounds fun but I am too busy catching up on pending projects. I will keep my eyes on your art pet cards instead. I know they will be great.