Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pet Portrait Card Trade

I finished my first pet portrait tonight. It is postcard sized. I can't show it yet as we haven't gotten the address list and I can't mail it yet. I will show it after the person receives it. One down and at last count, 19 to go.

At one point during the process, I almost gave up and tossed it. It is a dog done in colored pencils. When it reached the ugly stage, it didn't seem like it would get past that stage. So a little erasing and a little more pencil, and repeat that a couple of times, and I finally reached a stage where I am satisfied. Not thrilled, but satisfied. Now on to the next one. Hopefully I will get a couple more sketched soon.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Seems like we all have to go through that ugly stage to get to the pretty stage. Keep going... you'll conquer the uglies!