Thursday, November 02, 2006

Egg Cup

The new reference photos for the colored pencil monthly drawings were posted yesterday. I decided to do the egg in the cup. This was my first time joining in on the colored pencil site. I am finally getting comfortable with doing colored pencil drawings. Especailly as I used wc pencils and added a little waterbrush to blend the colors. Then went over the drawing some more with the colored pencils dry and did some burnishing.

I still have to work on the weekly drawing challenge. It is a herd of cows. Well about 5 cows standing in a row. I will try to work on that today.

I also want to do the sketchcrawl for the drawing and sketching thread. It is any time over a week. I still have several days to participate. I may just do some drawings around here but at least I will participate.

I am also reading and looking into some ACEO cards. I would like to do those. I have done several for practice and would like to explore that more thoroughly. I have always liked cropping and doing just the eyes of animals. And a lot of my self-portraits have been bits and pieces of me. I think those kind of crops would make good ACEO cards.

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