Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Start of a new month

Well here it is November with Christmas just around the corner. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Hubby brought home a card and cake. He has started doing a few little things like that in the last few years. He has never been a romantic but he does make an effort at times. I enjoy getting cards from him as he finds ones that have really nice sentiments. It is surprising to read them as he isn't very vocal about his feelings other than saying "I love you". The cards he buys are the only way I know the depth of his feelings.

Here are a couple of watercolor pencil paintings I have been playing around with. Trying to get my feel of working on landscapes with the watercolor pencils.

I have been adding some color with the pencils for quite some time now and have been satisfied with my attempts. I just did pencil drawings for years, so the color I have been able to add at times, is very pleasing to me.

It is funny how I can manipulate the regular pencil to draw and make things look as they look in real life. But adding the color is more of a chore. That seems strange to me as we see in color. It should be easier to do the color.
It seems foreign to me that my dogs are able to see only in black and white. It seems so limiting. And why do dog toys come in all sorts of beautiful colors? For the owners apparently. Since it is not color that attracts them, what makes them choose one toy over another from a basket full. I would love to know what goes on in my dog's minds.
Well Bible study tonight and I haven't even started to answer my questions. So today that is the first thing on my list. It is a little cold here this morning and we don't have our heater ready yet, so curling up in bed is very tempting. But that won't get my study finished.
Surround me with your tender mercies so I may live, for your instructions are my delight.Psalm 119:77, NLT

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