Friday, November 10, 2006

Pencil landscape

Yesterday I did another landscape. It was from a reference photo from the WDE last week. I saved several of the photos that week to do. This is the second one I have done.
Yesterday started another scavenger hunt. #17. Wow it is hard to believe that I have done 16 of them already. This one has 19 items 7 less than usual. Plus 3 challenges. I have already finished 10 plus one challenge. I think this one will be finished fast for me. That's ok as I plan to do more landscapes.
I still have several Christmas presents to do plus some genealogy work for my sister-in-law that I want to get done. Also I want to do a picture using the reds like Al Jones for a Christmas present for my husband of our KC who is no longer with us. I want to take my time on that one and make it special with mat and frame for him.
Thanksgiving is not very far away. About a week and a half. My cousin and her husband will be doing some deep pit meat. We will take a turkey over there to have done for us too. We will have Thanksgiving dinner with hubby's sister and brother-in-law and another dinner with my cousin's family the Saturday after. Just what I need, more food.
It seems I am doomed to repeat my early dating and marriage time in the age when I should be cutting down my food intake. When dating my husband, we started celebrating holidays with both our families. Fortunately (or unfortunately) , my family had their dinners at noon, and his family had their dinners around 6-8 (his mom procrastinated and was the slowest person when getting dinners ready).
His mom was always at the bank at 5 minutes to 3 when they closed at 3. On Friday nights, closing time was 6. His mom showed up about 15 minutes before closing. She never even started to get ready and pick up the check and dep until late in the afternoon.
I remember one Christmas Eve, we were all gathered around to open our presents. His mom just got home and was in the bedroom wrapping the presents she had just bought. Why bother to wrap them when they would just get ripped off half hour later.
But I ventured from the subject. We ate dinner with my family at noon, and ate again with his family in the evening. Two big dinners. And both insisted we eat dessert and the works. That is one day we were stuffed all day. But it kept family harmony with both sides, and our parents never felt that we gave preference to either side. Made for nicer relationships. But not on the body. We now carry way more weight around than is comfortable. And now we have swung full circle around and are going to eat two meals. Makes me groan at the thought. Will be tasty but........

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