Friday, February 02, 2007

Another ATC

Here is another art card I sent for trade. I have received 3 so far and have just over half of my cards finished and mailed. Many of the cards I have sent are of birds. I seem stuck on birds right now. I am working on two more cards at the moment and neither is a bird. The last few I sent are the wc pencil florals. I have had trouble deciding what I would do next for graphite. I finished another floral tonight. The first I have done with a blue background. Until this one, all my backgrounds have been green.

I need to work on some scavenger hunt items tonight. The end is Feb 5th and I only have 13 things finished. I said I wouldn't allow work to interfer, but it seems to be happening any way. Doesn't help that I have had a cold for the last couple weeks and came home today with stomach problems and the last couple days at work have been like a tornado. One client after another. It feels like I hold my breath when dealing with them. I feel winded after.


Jan said...

Beautiful art I would love to trade with you would be willing to consider a trade in the near future...I love atc's paticulary handrawn or painted. Jan

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

what is trading cards all about?see my paintings
i like your art

"JeanneG" said...

Art cards are original art the size of baseball cards (2.5 x 3.5). Some people sell them and some trade them. I am in a project on Wetcanvas site that involves 27 people each trading one art card to each person. You mail one each week. It enables us to share our art with each other and also to get to know each other and different mediums. It has been great fun. Thanks for browsing my blog. Jeanne Grant