Sunday, February 11, 2007

My dog drawings

Edtree from WC said she would like to see all dog drawings all together so that she could see them. I thought about it and posted a new thread in the D&S forum titled Samples of my dog drawings here:
It has a sample of drawings from several years ago when I worked full time and did drawings for the people at the office. I did their kids, grandkids, and pets, then started on their portraits. They all received them for free. It gave me wonderful practice.
Also are some newer drawings. A couple of the art cards that I traded, a couple from the WDE forum, many of my babies, a couple from some neighbor's dogs, and some from friends I have met at a yearly barbecue that we attend. Then there are a couple commission I did for my Bible study leader. She requested a picture of all her babies that are no longer with her. About 9 of them. Dogs and cats. A lot of boxers. The reference photos were not really good and not very big. But she loved it. Then I did one of her current babies. In the reference photos was a couple pictures I just couldn't resist. One a cat looking over a wooden fence and one with a dog piled on top of another.
After I left my job, I did drawings for friends and family for gifts. My hairdresser got one of her two young children...the boy kissing his baby sister. My dog groomer got one of her black lab Mona. And my friend CArl has gotten several of his two Shitsus Riley and Cassie including one of each for Christmas this year. My husband received one from me of the Golden Retriever KC who passed away about 4 years ago. He loved her dearly and I doubt he will ever get over her death. I still grieve for her too but they had a special bond that everyone could see. I have a special bond with our Yellow Lab but like all mother's, my favorite is the one I am holding at the time. We have never had children and they dogs are our kids and they live with us as part of the family.

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