Monday, February 26, 2007

Wow. Long time between posts.

I didn't realize how long since I posted. I had a long bout with the second cold. Still doing a good bit of coughing. But at least I feel better. Work is also getting in the way. I am not working very long hours now but three days this week and a 4-hour class has to be fitted in. Haven't figured out if I will go during the day when I am off or during the evening. Third choice is Sat. Not sure I am willing to do that one.
I have been doing quite a few art cards. I have even been doing the WDE and the weekly challenge on art cards. At least it doesn't take long to do them.
Today at work, a client brought a camellia bloom to her tax preparer. I borrowed it and did an art card from it.
Then decided to draw a scene I can see from the office where I work. There is a telephone pole across the street where pigeons roost. They always sit on the wires a wing-span distance apart. I find this curious especially in winter when I would think they would huddle for warmth. But they are always that distance apart. If one lands in between, they shift to alow the same distance between them.
Then you will see one off by himself. Did he have an argument with the others? Is he being shunned for some reason? Wouldn't it be nice to know the reasoning behind their activities?


Katherine said...

That tortoise drawing is seriously good.

These winter colds are always the worst to shake off aren't they. I'm trying to remember the name of that man who studied bird behaviour - was it Konrad Lorenz?

"JeanneG" said...

Thanks Katherine. I am not knowledgeable about artists. I have much to learn.