Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to Work

Well back to work tomorrow. I have been off for several days with a cold. Still not 100% but have to go in. Still coughing and blowing and short of breath when I get to moving around too much.

I listed a few of my art cards on ebay tonight. I will see how it goes. Hard to figure how much to charge as everyone's cards are listed at different rates. It doesn't seem to matter what the charge is or how good the art is. Some that I wouldn't think would be popular are having many bids and some very good art have no bids. I just imagine it is finding the right person for the right subject. I couldn't even see a pattern that would lead me to figure out what is selling best. Just no rhyme or reason that I could figure out.

I am finding that I do more of the colorful floral pictures on the smaller scale. And I have been doing some that are not my normal.

The WC Weekly challenge was an English water scene. I did it as an art card. Finished really early this week. My turn to host the Scavenger Hunt starting Wed.

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