Saturday, February 17, 2007

Scavenger hunt still life

I was feeling a little behind in the current Scavenger Hunt. Can you believe it is #29? I am hosting the next one. I already have my list ready.
I decided to do like we did with Jamie's list. I put several items together and made a still life. I fit all that I hadn't completed in except things like a live animal, vacuum, hand, and lips/mouth. I will finish those off this weekend.
I really enjoy doing the still life works. One thing I think they are cute. And another, I have to draw and make sure I get them all in. When you draw one thing, it's just one size. When you draw many items together, size of each item in realation to the others becomes more important. Also it takes a little more time to make sure they are arranged in a manner that fits. That is especially important when you have things that don't really belong together.
Stayed home sick again yesterday. This cold is worse than the one I had a couple weeks ago. This one went straight to the chest and lungs. Miserable. Running nose and cough like a fog horn.
At least I am getting some art work done. Don't feel like doing much else. I picked up meds today and will get into my sweats, take the meds and stay in the rest of the weekend. Hubby is out of town overnight so except for the pestering dogs, I can vegetate. I plan to draw some more and do plenty of sleeping. I made potato/vegetable soup. Just had some with french bread and plenty more for tonight and tomorrow.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend. The weather here is nice, warm, and sunny. Too bad I can't enjoy it.

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