Sunday, February 04, 2007

ATCs Update

I have 4 art cards drying at the moment that will go in the mail tomorrow. Now only 3 left to do. Some of the project members haven't started yet. Some are still fulfilling cards for the first project. I have had so much fun, just couldn't slow myself down. It is another addiction I could ill afford. All my addiction are at least not life threatening. All have to do with art.
I wanted to send my florals as well as graphite. I think I managed to intersperse quite a few of the florals in among the graphite. Maybe not 50-50 but at least a fair amount were the colored florals.
I started out with a lot of birds. Later I tried to do some landscapes and other animals. I was pretty happy with most of them. Some I was not at first happy with and put them aside. Later I took another loo, reworked them a little and finished them up for mail. Now for the last three. I believe they will all be graphite. But who knows. Whatever the mood that strikes me.

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