Monday, March 05, 2007

Art Card

This is an art card that I did a few weeks ago. I drew it from a silk flower I have on my desk. I needed a flower for the scavenger hunt. Bigs/Sue from the scavenger hunt said she would love to have that at her house, so I sent it to her. I liked the way this one turned out.

I went shopping last week at a craft shop and found several things I bought for my box of drawing props. I found several more large bloomis on long stems in different colors. A nice rosebud, a stem of 4 poppies in different stages of bloom, a couple of stems of fern fronds for greenery. I also bought a few pieces of fake fruit like grapes to practice on.

These were added to the many items I have "found" for the scavenger hunts. Many of the items I have sketched several times. In the box are things like rocks, wine glass, pinecone, stuffed fish animal, and other miscellaneous items. I started out with a small box and now have a storage box holding them. Oh well one more thing to find space for.

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