Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off tomorrow

I took the day off tomorrow. I will be waiting for an appliance repairman. Our not-quite-2-yr old clothes washer is leaking. Warranty still in place so it at least won't cost me. Just waiting around will give me a chance to do some artwork. And an extra day off this week. I think I can handle a 2-day work week.

Thursday is dog grooming day plus I will be waiting around again. This time for someone to pick up some donations we are giving. I have put it off for too long. Time to get the stuff out of here.

The news tonight said it was raining in a couple parts of town. You's never believe the weather here lately. Really hot one day, and rain the next. We'll all end up sick if this keeps up.

Here are some items I did tonight for the new scavenger hunt. (Next hunt is mine to host and provide the list)

Well I am getting very sleepy and had better get to bed.

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