Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don't know why I neglected to post the last couple of days. I went to the ones I read daily and then just moved on.
Today I had to wait wait wait. A donation place was supposed to pick up some stuff. They didn't show up till about 5 pm. Nothing like being stuck all day waiting.
I had to leave a couple times. To take my schnauzer to the groomer and pick her up. But I tried to hurry so that I was here when the truck arrived. Now the stuff is finally gone. But...I put some more outside.
We have had an oak desk sitting in the living room waiting to be installed in the office/art room. Well I didn't get it moved in, but I did move part of the existing desk out. The hutch part. The rest is in the room standing on its side. I put the computer on a small rollaway computer cart. That way I was able to do some cleaning around it.
Now there is a jumbled mess of boxes and stuff all over the room. What's bad is the newer desk has a lot less space. I have no idea where all the extra stuff will go. I still have to buy a file cabinet but that won't take care of anything but the file drawer. I hope that I figure out some solution soon as I can't find anything.
I just got the computer put back together. I unhooked everything to get it out of the old desk. And I still have a mess of cords sitting on the floor. Oh well.
Tuesday we had rain and these are some of the clouds that we saw that day.

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