Friday, March 30, 2007

Weed killing

This drawing is the bonus ATC that I sent to IrishRose as a thank you for hosting the ATC Project exchange. I know she had a hard time as her mom passed away right after the exchange started. But she never faltered. She said it was her therapy. And we are hoping for another one soon. This is called Nemo Wannabe II.
I spent the day going thru stuff in my office/art room and the other spare room where the sewing machine resides. Weed killing is just the phrase I used to describe the effort I was making to get rid of extra stuff.
It is very hard to discard my stuff. Even if I haven't used it recently, I still never know when I might need it. I used to give things to my mom. Then when out at her house, I would be going thru books, etc and thing that I would like to take it home. She just saved them and didn't use them either, so was happy for me to have them back. There they would stay until my next nest cleaning project.
My garbage bin outside is about half full. And I have 3 boxes of stuff for donation to the church for their yearly sale. It is the largest yard sale you have ever seen. Takes a week to set up, runs for a day and a half, and they sell usually over $10,000. All of the money made goes for missionary work. None of it for running the yard sale. All workers are voluntary.
Right now my office/art room is such a mess, I have to walk carefully. Hopefully in the next two days I will get it in a little better shape before I have to go back to work on Monday. Right now I am missing my desk. The portable rolling computer stand I am using is just not very big. I am used to leaning on the desk and there is no room for that on this one.
I am anxious to get the new used desk in and see how comfortable it will be. There will be one problem. The new one has no storage and the old one did. Now to figure out what to do with the overflow.

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