Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wishing my life away

A lady whom I have known most of my life gave me some advise that I can't seem to follow. I was always wishing for time to pass for some event or other. She told me I shouldn't do that as I was wishing my life away.
What she said was true. I still seem to be doing that. At the moment I can't wait for April 17 so I can be home and not at a tax office preparing taxes. I don't actually like doing that job, I do it because we need the money.
Ever since I found WetCanvas and started participating in the forums there, I have become so passionate about my art that everything else seems to be an afterthought. All I want to do is "do" art or read about it. Everything else just gets fleeting thought. Poor hubby. I love him dearly but I do take him for granted. Of course he does work some really long and weird hours. I do fix his dinner but don't always sit down with him while he eats it. He is usually too tired for conversation any way. All I can hope is that he understands as he has a passion for camping and fishing and during times he is planning a trip, he thinks of nothing else.
Back to the lady with the advice...she lived to be 101 years old. She was part of history. She and her brother were orphans in the East and were brought west on the "Orphan Train". I didn't know anything about that until I attended her 100th birthday party. The woman I saw from childhood as a church-going Christian who crocheted her heart out, had some interesting things that made her who she was.
I miss her. I didn't see her that often, but I knew she was always around and doing her crocheting. Now I don't often think about her but when I do, it is with a fond memory of the afghans and things she crocheted, her dedication to church, and the kindness she always showed to me. She was my cousin's mother-in-law, her name was Myrtle, and she is missed.

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