Friday, March 16, 2007

Latest items for Scavenger Hunt #32

The current scavenger hunt ends on Saturday, the same day as the Sketchcrawl. I decided tonight that I needed to speed up my entries. I still have 5 do sketch but they will be harder for me to "find". One is a religious item for a religion other than mine. Haven't a clue what to use for that. Wind chimes which are outside. Chop sticks...I had a pair that I made a set of knitting needles from but can't find them. A pedal...that will have to be from the sewing machine of the unused recumbant bike in the living room. And the last item is sardines. I don't have any of those so they will have to turn into tuna or salmon.

Here is the still life I made of 10 items from the scavenger hunt. I think these little still life drawings turn out cute. All the things are usually unrelated but fun to put together for the drawing.

One of the scavenger hunts had a challenge to put all 26 items into one still life. I really enjoyed that one and have done small still life drawings for several of the other hunts. I am waiting for another lis that has items I can put into one picture again.

I worked on my Old Master's Project drawing last week. I am possibly half done. I have posted two updates so far. We are supposed to update at 33%, 66%, 90%, and completed. The picture I am doing is Rembrandt's Old Jewish man sitting in a chair. It is monochromatic in a reddish color. I am doing mine in graphite. We have a year to finish but I don't think it will take me that long. Probably not more than another month or two as tax season will end in another month and I will have more time to draw.

This week I still have the weekly to do, also the WDE and that changes tomorrow. (Yikes I am behind.)

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