Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just in time

As last week, I am running behind on my drawings. I just finished two art cards for the WDE. I did the host's (Blu ize) twi cattke dogs and a frog on a second. Now I still have to do the silk or satin and egg for the Weekly challenge.
Last week I didn't get the WDE drawing posted until it was a few hours before the new weekly photos were posted. I was really running behind that week. No reason as I spend plenty of time on here reading different things. I just need to quit dreding and surfing and get to more drawing. My house would probably say more housework. I know my husband would.
In the mall close to my house, they have a shop with local art. The artists have to join the organization and then they can put their art in the shop. Not sure what it costs to be a member or what the monthly fee is, or how much selling goes on, but I want to check it out. You also have to donate some time in the shop.
I have been in there when an artist was sitting at a table doing their art. I haven't been to the shop lately, in fact only once but I have an urge to go have a look. Since I have problems walking very far, it won't be easy. But I'd like to see what they have to offer.
Saturday we will be doing some fixups around the house and Sunday I hope to make it to church. I have missed too many Sundays this year.
Hubby was out of town working yesterday and got home today with some scrumptious round loaves of French bread. I will go get a slice and see what is on tv and then concentrate on some more drawing.

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