Wednesday, January 07, 2009

21st Worldwide Sketchcrawl

The next sketchcrawl is #21. It is January 16 which is this next Saturday. I think hubby is off that weekend. He has plans for us to go to Costco. But I will be participating. Even if I have to find a chair in Costco to sit down and sketch. Maybe we will go for breakfast before and I can get one there too. It should be interesting. I do love people watching at Costco. Such a variety of things and people. But they don't really stand still for long. Even when they are sampling the tidbits they hand out for samples.


Joan said...

Jeanne - You need to find a view of the checkout line! People are alway there for a while. I'm hoping to participate. Mickey got me a "Sketchcrawl" t-shirt for Christmas. She has one too. Maybe we can wear them over heavy sweaters when we go out sketching. Have fun!

Jo Castillo said...

Have fun! I never do those. One of these days, I imagine.