Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just finished another page in the Moley. This one was my baby Ditto. I will fill the other side with a few other things and make it a tribute page. I just have to look up when she was born. She was such a sweet little thing and we sure miss her.

I think that puts all my animals in the book. I will probably do a couple more, at least of Penny. I would love to do her eyes in color. They are the most beautiful goldish color.

I now have 7 1/2 full pages to do. Getting there slow but sure. I have been neglecting all my other projects tho. I haven't done anything for the scavenger hunt this time so will have to manage a few later today. The last day for it is the 29th so I will hopefully slide by just at the last minute.

We will be getting the addresses for the new project...24 of something... I still have a few left to finish for the Out of Africa. And I owe two ATCs to Toad Hollow Drawing Club. One a valentine. The one for Scribble Talk I have ready and waiting for a name and address of whom to send to. And last but not least for Drawspace. Those are all sent and most have arrived. I mailed a last add on one today to Ohio.

I suppose I am not too far behind but I felt a little pressure for a bit from the Moleskine. When I get that mailed off, I feel I can breathe again. Of course then I will worry that it makes it safely. When you are a worrier, you always find something to worry about.


jgr said...

Hi Jeanne,
I love the pic of Ditto, she does look sweet.
I'm very impressed with all the activities you're involved in. I'm going to come back and check out some of those challenges after the January Journaling is finished. I think I'll miss it. I've learned so much and met the nicest people!
Have a good day.


Jo Castillo said...

The photo of Ditto is great.

Wow! on all your projects. You have perseverance for sure! Your moleskin will be very popular, without a doubt. Your drawings are clever and well done. We miss you on the Hunts, but know the reasons. I know you will get a few sketches in!

Joan said...

I don't know how you can juggle so many projects at once!! I've been gathering my photos of flowers for the new project. I'll see how the first few go before I definitely commit to that theme. Flowers aren't something I normally do, so I thought this might be a good way to practice.