Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More floral pictures from the trade

I finished the flower/plant cards for the trade on Drawspace. In fact they went out in the mail yesterday. Fourteen little cards out in the world traveling to their new homes. The ones in the US could start arriving tomorrow.

What a great bunch of people on this trade. We usually have one male. This time 4 males joined (their luck that it was the floral one). But they have kept us entertained by posting about their macho deprivation time. In fact one said after doing a flower card, he was going to go watch hockey, eat peanuts, drink whiskey, and spit on the floor to regain his masculine self. We are having a grand time laughing thru it all. I did take pity on the guys and didn't give them frilly flowers.

Well it is that time of the month that my hair gets a makeover. Time to wash away the gray. Then a couple errands. I have never liked getting my hair messed with. It's now a necessity as I hate dealing with coloring and dyes at home. The one thing I have no patience with is coloring my hair or hair appointments in general. So I take a blank card and sit and draw.

I can't see to read without my glasses and who wants the stems of their glasses all messed up with yukky color. So I was just sitting with a glazed face while others around me were reading "glamor" magazines or tabloid stuff. Not that I wouldn't want to read the tabloid stuff, but not trying to squint my way thru which in turn would bring on a headache. So I draw instead.

Have you ever tried to draw in a hair salon? It's not easy. Too much activity. Not a good view. And not too interesting subjects. It would be ok to draw people but they are not at their best. Aluminum foil squares all over their heads folded into these little hair pockes with colored stuff oozing. Hair rollers. Spikes of hair going every which way with nastly looking, unappetizing color (sometimes even purple yuk) all over. If men had to see women in this situation, I'm not sure they would ever marry. And what's really funny...women don't seem at all embarrassed for other women to see them like this.

Well back to flowers. Here are my finished florat ATC cards. Now I can get down to business on my little Moleskine Project book. The time for it to fly away is fast approaching, and I have not even put a dent in filling it.


Joan said...

Great group of cards, Jeanne!!! Those guys will be very lucky to get one of these. I think doing sketches of what women go through at the beauty salon would be fun. I've never tried it...don't want something to slop up my artwork. lol

Teresa said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Loved your take on a beauty shop. Trust you to sum it up so wryly and accurately!

Also loved your cards. What a glorious riot of color and cheer!

Jo Castillo said...

A great post Jeanne. Your plants/flowers are super. Your saguaro is fresh and feisty. Mine got tired I think. :) Love the beauty parlor humor. I never go, such a waste of time. I'm gray and cut my own hair. Hmmm.

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Oh, I agree with Jo. Hair is going to stay salt and pepper but I do have someone cut it.
Love your flower paintings. I am busy today with the Sketch Book 3 project. My first time to participate.

Jeanette said...

You're sooooo productive Jeanne! Very bright and colourful. I just wish I could draw flowers.

Funny take on the salon, but some sketches of people there in various states would be amusing.

As for me, I stick with au naturel that has a lot of grey now just because I can't be bothered with the fuss that goes with dying and for me, it never looks natural either as I'm so pale.