Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moleskine Project

Well I finally am putting something in my Moleskine. I sealed all the pages already filled as I found they were getting smeared. But...HORRORS...a couple of the colored pages bled thru the paper to the other side. Seems this one blue violet I used to add to black was the culprit.

Nothing can be done to fix it. It will now just have to go that way. I will now back graphite to graphite and colored pencil to colored pencil. It's a shame as I did a picture of the baby across the street and her two teen parents. The baby has a blue mark on her face. And my hubby has the same marks.


Teresa said...

Oh Jeanne! Sorry about the color transference in your Moleskine

But I'm sure it's still a delightful work full of your usual lively color and gusto!

Joan said...

Jeanne - Too bad about the bleeding through the pages. I've only used my pens to sketch on the paper, not to color. Thanks for the warning!