Friday, February 06, 2009

Art Blog Award

I received an Art Blog Award from Teresa at Blueberries Life and Art.Thank you Teresa. I am to list 7 things I love and then name 7 more artists to honor.

Like Teresa my first love is God, then family, and friends.

1. I love my fur and feather babies. They have given me so much love and joy. I have never had children so these are my replacements. Their unconditional love has made me a better person.

2. Art. I have a passion for art that I didn't know was possible. It gives me so much satisfaction and joy.

3. My memories. Many people lose their memories to Alzheimer's. My memories are precious to me as I think it must be devastating to face the loss of them.

4. The internet. I really enjoy the internet. It has provided me with many benefits I would otherwise not have had. I haven't traveled but with the internet, I can travel to just about anywhere I want. I can learn just about anything I have interest in. I have met so many friends thru the internet. I have learned about different cultures, languages, and even recipes like tomato gravy (Ick!).

5. I love to people watch. When I am in a line at a grocery store, at Costco, the mall, or anywhere, I love to watch people and their reactions to situations. You can learn so much about people just by watching them.

6. I like to watch television. I have always liked watching tv. I don't always "watch" but it is always on and in the background. I spend more time listening. It keeps me company and keeps my birds occupied. When some show has an outdoor scene, my parakeet comes alive listening to the bird sounds. Something I would not even notice if it weren't for her reaction.

7. Sweets. Especially chocolate. There is nothing like a nice cup of hot chocolate or chai latte. So sweet and luxurious on a cold day.

Well now you know my likes and be glad you don't get a list of my dislikes.

Now for the other artists who deserve a nice award.

Jo Castillo
Quirky Artist
Ai's arts
Wendy Prior
Joan Tavolott

If time doesn't permit a post, please just put the award on your site to let everyone know that your are is appreciated.

For some reason I couldn't post a link to each person's site but you can find their links in my side link area. Teresa's is also there if you would like to see her list.


jgr said...

Hi Jeanne,
Congrats on your award! I have felt in a similar art 'slump' the last few days too. I have many ideas rolling around in my head, it's hard to focus on one- ha!
Hope your toes is better soon.


Jo Castillo said...


Thank you for the award! I appreciate it from you. ((hugs))

Teresa said...

Hello My Thoroughly Californian Friend!

Enjoyed reading your list... can't believe Tomato Gravy wasn't at the top.... sure you don't want the recipe? ;-)

Ai said...

Thank you so much Jeanne for the award. I am honored. I hope your toes heel soon.

Donna said...

GASP!!!!! Is that me??????
Wow, thanks! And I haven't even posted in so long. I had better get WITH it and create more, do more, BE more. I'm so tickled that somebody reads my blog! I love yours. You are such a good writer as well as an artist and it is so much fun to get inspiration from you.