Saturday, February 07, 2009

Quiet Saturday

I have spent a quiet Saturday. Not feeling too perky but I did get a card done for the 25 Something trade. I can't show it yet but should be soon as it is going to New York. It should only take a couple of days.

This is the second one of my "theme" of memories. The first one is still making its way to Canada. I mailed it the 3rd of February.

I have been in a mini slump since sending off my Moleskine book to the Project. I think that little project took too much out of me. Artwork is meant to be done leisurely and with enjoyment not pumped out quickly to meet a deadline for mailing. That takes the fun from it. Hopefully I can get more into my trade projects now. So far I have been doing my usual graphite or colored pencil. Maybe I should think about a different style for some of these. They would give me a chance to try something new.


Joan said...

Is the card heading to me????? I hope so. I find that if I'm not painting at least I'll sketch for the scavenger hunts. That's usually easy to do.

Jo Castillo said...

Jeanne, you do so much, you deserve a Saturday off. Rejuvenate yourself and we will be seeing some wonderful stuff!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I think when a project is finished, its like losing part of yourself for a while and you have to recoup before picking up the inspirational brush again. Look forward to seeing what that might be.

Teresa said...

Hope you're feeling better today and well on the way to getting your perk back!