Sunday, February 01, 2009

Moley Project

I worked last night on my Moleskine Project book. I got 3 more double pages done or almost done. 3 more to go.

I took a look at some samples of other's books on the project website. Quite a variety. I can't believe that so many of them were able to add watercolor to their books. The pages are so thin, I was worried about the colored pencil and graphite. A couple pages the tear out line started to tear. And a couple other places my graphite poked a hole in the paper. But it is close to the finish now. I could let it be available for sale, but I think I will enclose a stamped envelope to get it back. I will put my email address and website in it in case someone would like to browse or even to buy something.

I plan to scan the most recent pages soon and will post another sample.

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twincedar said...

Very cute little fellow, Jeanne!