Monday, February 09, 2009

Cats and Crazy Cats

I am in an ATC trade at Drawspace forum of Cats/Crazy Cats. I have 17 to do and have 5 finished. This trade is for one month. That means we have to get 17 done and mailed in a month.

We have one of these trades at Drawspace once a month. Every month is a different theme. Several of the past monthly themes have been Undersea Life, Prehistoric, Flowers, Safari, and we have had several holiday themed ones. Most months I participate. I enjoy the shorter trades as people tend to follow thru with their cards. On the longer projects, many times people don't follow thru.

I couldn't tell you how many sign up and play along for a bit. Then they just disappear. Sometimes for a long time, sometimes forever, or even sign up for more projects. That becomes a problem as they usually receive cards but don't return theirs. I can understand if people have emergencies or health problems, but they should return to finish the cards once they are better. Especially if they are back participating in the forums. Even an apology would be nice.

Even when I had my knee surgery a year ago, I finished all my cards before the surgery. And I left an email for a couple people on the forums where they could find out what happened if I just disappeared.

That's why I enjoy the trades at Drawspace. Everyone seems so happy to do the trades and they don't seem at all fazed by having to do so many in such a short time. They are just happy to participate and enjoy the getting and the giving.

And this time we have 17 people plus myself who are working to get our cards done (and believe it or not some have theirs done and mailed in the first week or so) and anxiously waiting to see what new surprises arrive in the mail.

Here are 4 of the ones for the cat trade that I have finished.


jgr said...

Hi Jeanne,
I really like your cat cards. I am a serious cat lover and of course, my cat "Mocha" is sitting in my lap right now. teehee.
The 'trade' sounds like fun, maybe I'll check it out.


Teresa said...

Cats! What great subject matter! :-) But that comes as no surprise, does it? Love your drawings!

I'm still working on my WC trade... got a couple more done recently!

Joan said...

Jeanne - Your cats are so cute!!! I love that you challenge yourself with so many projects. It is a bit unfair that some people never complete/or even begin to send out cards for the exchanges that they sign up for. Thank you for the art blog award. I saw it but I haven't posted it on my blog yet.

Paulette said...

Hi Jeanne,
Great cats!
It's going to be fun seeing all the different cards.