Saturday, May 14, 2011

EDM #115

I did a substitute for EDM #115. Instead of a shopping cart or basket, I did a folded shopping bag. This one I got at the 99 cent store. I carry about 10 bags in my car. One place I shop gives you money credit for using your own bags.
I met a friend at Walmart today and we shopped there and at the Goodwill. I won't tell how much I spent at Walmart as it was way too much. But my total at Goodwill was a whopping $1.50.

At Walmart I needed a new mouse for my laptop, ink for the printer, zip bags, laundry soap, sodas, and a list of other incidentals. You know how those add up when you toss them in the basket. Seems like everything runs out at the same time.

After a year, I still haven't gotten used to getting only one check a month and having to stretch it. All those years I was married, we got a pay check weekly. When I worked, we both got paid different weeks, so it ended up being one a week. And the last job hubby had, he was paid weekly. If one check was a little small, or we overspent one week, there was another coming the next week. Well it's not so easy waiting for a whole month. Hopefully I will get used to it before much longer.

I'm still trying to follow Weight Watchers online program. I don't really like it but I needed something structured to make me do it. My problem is that I would rather skip the food and eat all my points in Weight Watchers ice cream. Before I stated this, I rarely ate ice cream. So that show how deprived I feel.

I hate dieting. I have dieted most of my life. I had finally reached a point where I stopped dieting. It was bad for me to lose and gain all the time. But lately I have gotten so heavy that something has to give. I'd rather it not be my body exploding because it is finally stretched too tight.

I can't exercise because of my leg and ankle problems. I can't eat salads because of a stomach problem. I am a very picky eater. And I am the kind of person who "if I can't eat what I want, I just don't want to eat" and have to force it.

So I am doing it, not liking it, and getting more crabby by the day. Tonight about 11 pm, I could almost smell some kind of food. I couldn't tell what it was but I wanted some. (It was in my mind as there was no cooking going on). Well in the freezer were 2 Nathan's hot dog weiners. I heated them in the microwave, poured mustard on them, and ate all but the 2 bites for the dogs. And enjoyed them a lot. Usually I won't eat a hot dog without bread or a bun. Didn't stop me this time. Luckily I still had some weekly points left over for the week (Sunday starts the new week) that I won't be using. So I should be ok.

Sunday...the start of my 3rd Weight Watcher week. Yuk!

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