Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minor League Finish

I finished the painting of the young baseball team. It's ok. Not exactly what I wanted but not supposed to be a frameable piece. I need more work on some of the faces next time. Some look like they have foundation makeup on. Oh well. I did what I wanted to do.

#1 I wanted to do multiple people
#2 I wanted to do a difficult sketch
#3 I wanted to practice watercolor

So I accomplished what I set out to do. Now on to the next


Ai said...

Bravo for the result Jeanne. I don't think I can get that easy.

Joan T said...

Yeah!!!! Your team rocks! This came out really well. I love that you're stretching artistically! Congrats on the continued weight loss! You go girl!

Michelle Himes said...

This is just an adorable painting, Jeanne. Well done!

Teresa said...

I think you did a great job. I wouldn't even tackle one painting with this many people in it!